I have used your product throughout my playing days thd as ofe last 2 years for warm ups anf day recovery strategies for massage. Having used several massage oils previously i have found this one to be the most effective for preparing my body to play and very comfortable when being massaged into my skin.

Mathew Pell - AFL Umpires National Strength and Conditioning Coach

I have used Statewide All Natural Preand Post-Sport Massage oils for approximately 10 years in my expertise as a remedial massage therapist, both with my personal clients and with various elite sporting teams, namely Little Athletics State Championships, AFL Under 16 and Under 18 Metropolitan football teams, the Brisbane Lions Football Club, in addition to an local sporting teams with a high level of success. Athletes reported significant muscular pain relief and an increase in muscular performance after being massaged with Statewide All Natural Pre and Post Sport Massage blends. I have received feedback from numerous athletes from a variety of sports as to the benefits achieved using the Statewide All Natural oils.

Glenys Brown - Clinical Masseur and Sports Trainer (AFL Umpiring Department)

After many years of playing all sorts of sports resulting in a multitude of injuries and extensive wear and tear to my joints and muscles, I have endured consistent pain as a consequence. After trying all sorts of remedies including many operations on effected joints, I was introduced to Statewide All Natural – Massage Heat Cream by Garry Bilson, a highly regarded and experienced masseur and the developer of the Statewide All Natural sports products. I gave it a go thinking that it was probably just another product which may provide some minor relief if any. To my very pleasant surprise after massaging the cream into my aching joints and muscles I felt a form of instant relief. The various natural oils and the warmth the massaging generated in the affected area made me feel better straight after application. I now use the Massage Heat Cream before and after exercise or heavy activity to reduce and manage the pain which has provided me with a more comfortable and active life style.

Jeff Gieschen

I’m writing to praise the benefits of the Statewide Massage oil we have been using this current 2014 season. The Pre and Post products have obviously defining properties of which I shall go into in this missive, the differences being as suited to the description on the bottles. We use the pre-training product to get some heat into the tissues and fire up the players bodies before games/training and gym sessions. The benefit of the product is that it is not blended with camphor (as with most products designed for this task), and instead uses a subtle combination of natural ingredients to facilitate a greater tissue response without the intensive superficial burning sensation. Added to this the fact that the oil is exceptional quality it is not required to dump vast quantities onto the skin in fact the old adage of less is more is the best term applied when using the oil. The player’s bodies respond very well to the oil too, much better than other comparable products laced with Petrochemicals and Parabens that cause pore blockage and skin irritation in some cases. The post-training product is noteworthy too as it provides a soothing calming feeling to the recipient with a gentle warming base, not designed to invigorate but to regenerate and assist muscle recovery, combine this with a post massage shower and the effect is even better. Containing a range of only natural inert essential oils this product truly is a winner on all levels.

Peter W Roberts - Training Services Coordinator Melbourne Football Club